Connecting Campus Communities

Goucher students often have many aspects of identity that enable them to connect with different on-campus communities, including communities based on racial, ethnic, religious, gender, and sexuality identities. We strive to create connections between intersecting campus communities through relationship-building, dialogue, and shared programming. These moments can often create and catalyze profound conversations that build appreciation of our differences and allow us to take into account perspectives different than our own.

Examples of these moments:

  • Speakers like chef Michael Twitty, a renowned chef who spoke about how aspects of his identity as a Black gay Jewish man influence his cooking, and how oppressed peoples have carried their history in their food

  • A trip with Jewish students and Black students to the African American History and Culture Museum and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum with conversation facilitated by Hillel staff and our chaplain

  • “What Matters to Me and Why” on-campus interfaith dinner series